BON Firming Eye Cream / ბონ გამამტკიცებელი თვალის კრემი

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Formulated with Ginseng BonCho Complex created from carefully extracting ginseng roots, and stems and Firming Formula, this oriental herbal firming eye cream instantly absorbs into delicate area around eyes that is vulnerable to dryness and sagginess. It lifts and brightens eye contours by rich nourishing and moisturizing.


Ginseng Bonchodan

Clean ginseng extracted by a drip technique of dropping water onto every part (roots, leaves, and stems) of the ginseng plant. Ginseng Bonchodan controls skin stress and keeps the skin moist. (Water-drip extraction technique: An optimal method to reduce the destruction of the ingredients and increase their potency by dropping cold, instead of hot, water for a long time.)


Five oriental medicinal ingredients—white atractylis, dried orange peel, dried ginger, poncirus, and pine mushroom—that deliver their original energy to make the skin lively and healthy-looking


Before cream, take a modest amount, apply with ring fingers, and lightly pat to absorb.


Bon is the oriental moisturizing and lifting line that helps to reinforce regenerative power of the skin. It contains medicinal ginseng obtained through a slow-drip method that extracts diverse active ingredients including ginsenoside and amino acid from the root, leaves and stem of the ginseng. It is elasticity enhancing line that moisturizes, and it also nourishes dry, fatigued skin, making it firm, revitalized and toned.