Sooryehan HYOBIDAM Fermented Black Ginseng Mask

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This wash-off type mask pack contains fermented black ginseng, which is made with precious wild ginseng from the clean mountain Jiri that has undergone steaming and drying 9 times. A gentle massage on the skin makes you feel lightly heated, melting impurities without irritation and helping circulation. A thermal massage soothes skin exposed to external pollution and delivers the nutrition of valuable ingredients. Finally, wash off and you will feel the skin moist and clear.


Fermented black ginseng

Black ginseng is made with wild ginseng, which contains richer ginsenocide compared to regular ginseng, after being steamed and dried 9 times to maximize the effect of heating. Black ginseng is fermented in pottery to optimize its effects on the skin.


With lactic acid bacteria separated from the fermented broth, a natural fermentation process is used to ferment precious wild ginseng from 700 meters above sea level on the clean mountain Jiri in pottery at low temperatures for 100 days. During this fermentation of wild ginseng, its component becomes more effective.


After cleansing and refining the skin with a toner, take a 2 cm diameter-sized ball 2-3 times onto the dry palm and spread generously onto the entire face, with the exception of the eye and lip areas. Gently massage along the skin texture for about three minutes and wash off completely with lukewarm water.


As time goes by, internal and external factors cause the skin to lose its harmony and vigor. Such a lack of vitality makes the skin tire easily from external stimulation and weakens its natural strength. The skin loses its gloss and firmness while undergoing aging. If we vitalize died skin with nutrition and moisture, the skin can regain its firmness, strength, and harmony. Sooryehan Hyobidam is a line of oriental medicinal moisturizers that contain BaekhyodanTM and trenella fuciformis extract, which make the skin young and beautiful. These ingredients are obtained from natural ginseng that is grown by 100-day fermentation in a pot in a clean area on Mt. Jirisan. Hyobidam nourishes and hydrates rough skin that lacks vitality due to an imbalance of harmony caused by the passage of time. Hyobidam develops the skin's original strength so that the skin can recover its firm and rejuvenated look.