PURIFYING Cleansing Oil / გამასუფთავებელი გამწმენდი ზეთი

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A hypoallergenic cleansing oil which quickly and neatly cleanses skin waste and makeup, and keeps your skin moisturized without skin tightness after cleansing.



Sooryehan's new formula contains purification plants with a strong life force to survive in a filthy environment. The formula also contains ingredients, such as lonicer aflower, licorice root, gold and lotus flower, used for skin control since ancient times


Pump to take the right amount onto your dry palm. Evenly apply to your face and softly massage. Apply some water onto your hand to massage your face again. Cleanly rinse your face with lukewarm water when the clear oil turns into a milky-white color, and the skin waste and makeup melts away.


External harmful factors, stress, and modern busy life raise the thermal sensitivity of the skin. This can be a major cause of skin damage. Sooryehan Junghwa is a dedicated line of oriental medicinal cleansing products, among which is the skin protection ingredient, JunghwadanTM, from LG Household & Health Care. The lotus flower is known as a purifying plant and is an ingredient, along with other ingredients such as lonicer aflower, licorice root, and gold, in oriental medicines that control the thermal sensitivity of the skin.