CHUNSAM Seonyu Repairing Eye Cream / ჩუნსამ სეონიუ აღმდგენი თვალის კრემი

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A highly concentrated eye cream to deeply nourish sensitive, dry skin around the eyes with the invaluable oriental medicinal ingredients contained in Chunsam and Sinsun Bulodan for a youthful, brightened look full of life.


Take a mung bean sized amount and massage into the skin around the eyes in a small circular motion for absorption.



Chunsam is the highest class of red ginseng, embracing the extreme Yang energy. Chunsam is an invaluable oriental medicinal ingredient, obtainable only if there is a good climate (heaven), good nutrition on the Earth (Earth) and a lengthy devotion by man (man). It is a crystal of heaven, Earth and man, produced only within 1,000 ginsengs. Due to such rareness and the highest level of quality, it is deemed as a luxury red ginseng priced ten times as much as the general red ginseng. Its precious saponin ingredient supports revitalization of skin lacking energy to give a pure and firmer look.


Water steamed with flowers, such as peony, safflower, lonicer aflower, chrysanthemum and lotus, which hold five energies: tree, fire, earth, gold, and water. The rich floral energy of Hwarosu locks moisture inside the skin for long hours to keep the skin bright and moist.

Sinsun Bulodan

A harmonious mixture of invaluable oriental medicinal ingredients that hold the energy of Chun Ji In, which invigorates tired skin and makes skin look feminine as Sooryehan's exclusive premium oriental medicinal formula.

Cordyceps Militaris; 120 year old Wilfordi Root; 80 year old Balloon flower root; Deer antler extracts


Sooryehan Chunsam line delivers rich nutrition to the skin so that it is full of vitality with the elegance of the sky. Failure to keep the skin's innate energy and develop its acquired energy can impair the balance and decrease the energy of skin. This is called skin weakening. To complement such pullback in the skin, it is necessary to harmonize the skin by supplementing it with innate and acquired energy. Skin harmonizing means keeping the skin bright and moist by invigorating and firming it with a rich, continuous supply of nutrition. Sooryehan Chunsam line formulates heaven- and earth-provided invaluable ingredients according to the traditional oriental formulation. Chun Ji In compensates for weakening skin and invigorates tired skin, thereby improving the basis of skin problems for an elegant beauty.