CHUNSAM Revitalizing Cream / ჩუნსამ გამაცოცხლებელი კრემი

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This anti-aging nourishing cream supports smooth skin with an abundant nutrition supply while softly, moistly sticking to the skin. The cream contains Hyangyak Sooryedan™, formulated in harmony with Geumgang pines, grown on the hillsides of Mt. Taebaek, Punggi Chunsam, that has the spirit of Mt. Sobaek, and chrysanthemum indicum, infused with the clean energy of Mt. Halla.



Chunsam is the highest class of red ginseng, embracing the extreme Yang energy. Chunsam is an invaluable oriental medicinal ingredient, obtainable only if there is a good climate (heaven), good nutrition on the Earth (Earth) and a lengthy devotion by man (man). It is a crystal of heaven, Earth and man, produced only within 1,000 ginsengs. Due to such rareness and the highest level of quality, it is deemed as a luxury red ginseng priced ten times as much as the general red ginseng. Its precious saponin ingredient supports revitalization of skin lacking energy to give a pure and firmer look.

Hyangyak Sooryedan™

The natural essence of the Korean Peninsula that contains all of the invaluable ingredients growing inside the peninsula, harvested from different areas with an optimum climate and edaphic condition per ingredient.


At the last stage of your skin care routine, evenly spread an appropriate amount of this product over the entire face and wrap with both palms for complete absorption.


This anti-aging line creates beautiful, clear skin with clean natural ingredients and the energy of pine trees that are grown on the Korean Peninsula, embracing the vigor of the land and formulated on the basis of Hyangyak Boncho. *Hyangyak Boncho: The most Korean-like ingredients selectively grown in areas with different, optimum climates and edaphic conditions per ingredient from before the Goryo Dynasty with Sejong’s spirit of love for the people.