Bichup Self-Generating Anti-Aging Essence 2pcs Set (a) / თვით აღმდგენი ანტი ასაკობრივი ესენცია კომპლექტი

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The History of Whoo's one-step solution essence for troubled aging skin, Bichup Jasaeng Essence is Korea's best selling wrinkle improvement essence for 6 consecutive years. This unique formula helps promote self-regeneration of healthy skin. The result is the appearance of overall healthy skin that looks rejuvenated, firm, and lifted.

Increases elasticity
Superior medicine for preventing all kinds of diseases by harmonizing the body’s energy and blood

Reduces the size of pores Moisturizing effects
Medicine for longevity by protecting the mind, energy, and soul

Soothing effects
Detoxifying medicine that relieves the heat and tension of the heart and blood vessels

50ml+20ml Essence, 25ml Skin Balancer, 25ml Emulsion, 5ml Eye Cream, 6ml Pink Base, 6ml Foundation