GINSENG First Essence / ჟენშენის პირველი ესენცია შრატი

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The first-stage anti-aging essence contains Ginseng Jeonghwadan™ and Ginsenoside33™ to keep the skin looking healthy and young. The highly enriched gel essence tones the skin texture meticulously and is absorbed instantly to make the skin clear and radiant.


Wild ginseng from clean Mt. Jiri

Wild ginseng that grows with the energy of the mountain and nature at an altitude of 700m in the Baemsagol Valley of Mt. Jiri is naturally produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and even compost. It contains richer ginsenosides compared to ordinary ginseng and has enhanced and diverse effects on the skin.

Ginsenoside 33™

Ginseng is a representative medicinal ingredient in Korea and contains various ginsenosides known for their excellent effects. Ginsenoside 33TM is an exclusive and valuable ingredient of Sooryehan, containing 33 ginsenosides produced using a traditional processing method.

Ginseng Jeonghwadan™

Our skin is prone to lose its balance due to external hazards and internal skin toxins. Ginseng JeonghwadanTM contains mulberry roots and liriopes, which protect the skin from external hazards such as UV light and fine dusts, and gold, which helps skin detoxification and makes the skin clear from the inside. Ginseng JeonghwadanTM, Sooryehan’s unique traditional prescription, takes care of the skin both inside and outside, to help skin purification and protection.


Use at the very first step of the essence routine after using toner. Take an appropriate amount, apply evenly onto the entire face and cover the face with palms for absorption.


With time, dry conditions, stress, etc., the skin loses its own strength and experiences many troubles. Weaker skin gets tired easily, losing its vitality. Sooryehan Ginseng is a total anti-aging line that strengthens skin fundamentals and boosts skin energy for radiant, smooth and younger-looking skin. Ginseng is used to keep the skin clear and firm, giving off health and confidence.